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Free Winter Wedding Photography Give-A-Way

Sherry and Colin - 2014

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This story is all about you, NOT  some fairy tale princess. Let us capture your beautiful moments in the coming wintertime, even if your prince has whisked you away to Bermuda for the kiss to awaken you from the deep slumber. To do this and to show your love story we are giving away one complete wedding coverage session.

Perhaps you were NOT going to hire a photographer, or you were going to use Uncle Bob who has a new camera, or were hoping that the photobooth or disposable cameras would create your wedding album. We understand, believe me, but why not have a little fun with the big event and dream a little?

Sherry and Colin 2014



Take a Quick Jump to The Happy Ending

(aka the prize)

Just exactly what is this story?  Up to four hours of wedding coverage, digital proofs, and an 8x8 20 side signature wedding album of your winter wedding (even if it is on a tropical beach).  Within our discretion, we are willing to consider paying our own travel and lodging, because we are crazy and spontaneous, from Canada to Cancun. 

“But I’m not young, skinny or even pretty, what can be beautiful about me or my wedding?”.  Each of us has some concern with something about our looks, yet each has qualities which attracts. Let us find yours.

Sherry and Colin - 2014

Okay - What is the Real Price?

We are asking for your time to capture your beauty individually and as a couple, with time before your ceremony or perhaps on the day after, in a relaxed, unhurried but not wasteful manner. This offer is for a winter time, outside the normal wedding season wedding in North America, and will be used to promote our business. While we have been published twice in TheKnot, and beyond, we would like to be better known. We wish to work with real people who might help us with our dream. Our inspiration for this project are photographers like Jerry Ghionis and Yervant ; theirs are works which excite us with real couples and families, shown in a beautiful way. Those photographer’s couples allow them time to work and time to have fun doing so. We want your time (but won’t waste it). As another inspiration, Cliff Mautner has said, “it takes time to create these images.. I can’t pull this stuff out of my …” (he’s from Philly, you see).

Here is how it works

How to Enter:

  1. Send a picture of yourselves (we believe in and support equality, so, no worries).  Photos are about telling stories, and our Blog is about photography, so we need at least one photo! Have fun with this one.

  2. Write a few words about yourself, and why you are interested not only in free photography, but in OUR coverage of your wedding. If you want something only because it is free, that is not a good starting place for either of us.  If you have a friend who wants to write in support of your submission, that’s amazing.

  3. Your names (ours are Chris & Nancy, by the way), and contact information should be included.

  4. Your wedding date. Note - our weekends in December 2015 are pretty booked - but don’t hesitate to check anyway.

  5. Your wedding location. As said, we can travel, having shot wedding work from Niagara Falls to Sonoma Valley, and even some work in Croatia. We have traveled to Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Rome, Florence, Alaska, Canada and more. Even our wedding photo (above) was taken at sea, near Cococay, The Bahamas.

  6. Please include a statement saying that you have read the rules and that you agree to the terms of the giveaway.  This is important, which you’ll see when you read the rules.

Sherry and Colin - warming up - 2014

The Rules

There will be no voting - this is not a popularity contest. Our review is on a first come, first considered basis, but we reserve the right to review several entries before making any award. We will respond to you. In going forward with a likely winner, we will consult with you in person, or on Skype, or by phone. 

But first, please, you must review our website or other work to make sure we are the right photographers for you, before you apply. Feel free to ask for access to other portfolios.  We each need to make sure that we are a match for one another. We are willing to give a lot for this project, and to work very closely with you.  We very much believe in being fair to all concerned, and building friendships. 

You must be 18 to enter and getting married in the winter. You may enter for yourselves, or, if the entry is for someone else, it should not be a surprise to that couple. You promise that all information submitted is true, current, and complete. 

You cannot be booked with another professional photographer already (not even us). That would not be fair to all concerned. 

All entries must be submitted electronically via email, and Strattons Photography is not responsible for any malfunction of the email or failure to respond to an incomplete submission or in general, for any oversight of your submission. 

The date for your wedding must work for us. Your odds of being selected depend upon how many people enter. However, we might find a connection with the very first submission. 

We have to be able to afford any travel expenses, so this might leave out your wedding on a $5,000 pp cruise, for example, unless you feel like chipping in. 

Winners will be notified either in person, via Skype, or phone. It could be that we just love two or more copules, and we reserve the right to offer a second couple some killer deal. 

The prize cannot be transferred. If there is some tax or surcharge or whatever some government might claim due because you have won, that’s on you. We state that this has NO actual cash value. Perhaps that will help, as it might should we go to a country which penalizes foreign photojournalists. 

The winning couple agrees to being published on “”, and other online or other publications. 

By participating in this giveaway, you agree to be bound by The Rules.

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Our wedding day (we didn't take this one, lol)

Our wedding day (we didn't take this one, lol)