Winter Wedding Bridal Session - Bellefonte – PA

Sherry Tallon, CJ Samples, and I braved some very cold weather up a snow and ice covered dirt road for some photos last week. The wind was gusty to perhaps 20 miles per hour, and the temperature was about 38 degrees F. We had to engage (or dis-engage?) the anti-skid function on the trusty Scion XB to make it to the hiking-in point.  We then lugged a wedding dress, tuxedo, camera, tripod, lightstand, flashes, dress shoes and more through the snowy trail. Once on the cliff face area, the rocks were ice covered and provided no level area to stand; this was a good area to slip and break a leg, and not in the theatrical sense!  Sherry posed like a true professional  and was un-complaining despite the bitter wind, slippery rocks and very real danger of hypothermia. CJ was just the same – although he had at least a wool tuxedo jacket to wear, his shoes were quite slippery and the rest of the wear far too thin for the elements. Still - we made it - and we each think the pix came out okay. .What do you think?

Ashley and Jake Wedding - 30 May 2015.

What a wonderful couple! At the bottom is a quicky video of the wedding of Ashley and Jake at Colonial Pines in Lewisburg PA on 30 May 2015 which  as a trial of some equipment (this was just a test). Videography by Kelsey Schreck, Edited by Anna Lisa Johnson, Photography by Strattons Photography – Milton PA.